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Bonsai Care

Welcome to our bonsai tree Care Hub. This is the section of our website dedicated to bonsai care. Here you can find useful guides to help you take care of your bonsai tree so you can watch it flourish.

Bonsai trees are generally easy to care for, but they do require maintenance from time to time to ensure they’re growing healthy and keep their beautiful shape. Different bonsai trees would require different levels of care. Indoor bonsai tree care would also differ from care for outdoor bonsai. This is why we have a guide for each of our most popular types of bonsai.

In our Care Hub we have also covered the basic guidelines for bonsai watering, feeding, repotting, and pruning. It’s important to remember that bonsai trees are more delicate than your average house plant, so you have to be gentle and careful when carrying out particular tasks.

With proper care and maintenance your bonsai tree can live for decades or even centuries to come. Some of the oldest bonsai trees in the world are over 1,000 years old!

In addition to our bonsai tree Care Hub, we have a blog where we post detailed guides, tips, and fun facts about bonsai trees. We also offer a fantastic range of bonsai tree care kits and accessories to help you keep your bonsai in good shape. If you’re a beginner you might even want to consider buying one of our bonsai care books too!

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