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Bonsai Potting & Repotting

We’re here to help you take care of your bonsai through expert advice – here’s how to properly pot your bonsai!

Bonsai Potting & Repotting Guide

Potting and repotting your bonsai tree is a relatively simple process, but the main question beginners tend to ask is how do you know if it needs repotting? While this may seem like an obvious question, you shouldn’t just take the appearance of the bonsai as a yes or not. To be able to determine if you need to repot your bonsai tree, take the tree out of the pot and be very gentle. If you can see that there is still some soil left and the root has not filled the pot, it’s not ready to be repotted.

To help you with the process of potting your bonsai tree, whether you’ve just bought a new one, or you’ve had one for a while, we’ve answered some of the most common FAQs surrounding bonsai potting and repotting.

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How To Repot Your Bonsai Tree

As a brief guide into repotting your bonsai, you need to take the bonsai out of it’s existing pot. There is a particular way to do this, and you don’t just grab it and pull! You need to tease out the roots from the bottom and the sides. If you have a root hook to hand, excellent. If you don’t, it might be time to invest in one as it’s an extremely beneficial tool that will help you out considerably.

Depending on the state of your bonsai, it may need trimming. Sometimes roots can grow so long that they wrap around the pot, so in order to continue with the repotting process, you’ll need to trim carefully. Place the bonsai tree in a safe space, maybe on another bonsai tray that you have. Be sure to check your bonsai for any moss, and you can simply brush this off and remove it. Before you repot, make sure you give your bonsai tray or pot a good clean! Next steps would be:

  • To stop bugs and pests getting into your pot, you can cover the drainage holes with mesh. In addition, it also stops the soil washing out immediately after you water it.
  • Get your bonsai soil and place a generous but even layer at the bottom of the pot.
  • Carefully and gently place the tree in the pot and ensure you position it at a good angle
  • Use more soil and fill the gaps around the tree. Pat down the soil but don’t be too aggressive as you want the soil to breathe and keep an open texture with air space
  • Gently water your bonsai tree with a watering can until you see water come out of the drainage holes located the bottom

You’re all done!

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