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Bonsai Feeding

Welcome to our care guide on bonsai feeding. We’re here to help you take care of your bonsai through expert advice. Find out how to feed a bonsai tree below.

Bonsai Feeding Guide

Just like water, bonsai feeding and fertilising is essential during the growing season. While other indoor plants can be put in larger pots, bonsai are confined to a relatively small space. This means bonsai trees are unable to extend their root system in search of nutrients, which is why they require more external nutrients added to the soil.

Bonsai trees feed off the nutrients in the soil to grow and thrive. With the limited amount of soil in a bonsai pot the tree will quickly absorb all of the nutrients in it. Regular fertilisation is needed to replenish the soil’s nutrients so your tree can grow healthy.

You can buy liquid bonsai fertiliser in a bottle, which has three core ingredients – nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. The nitrogen contributes towards the growth of the stems and leaves. Potassium improves the bonsai trees overall health, and phosphorus improves and promotes healthy root growth.

If you’re using a liquid fertiliser, we recommend feeding your bonsai once a week during spring, summer, and autumn to help prevent attacks from pests. If you notice your bonsai’s green leaves start to yellow then the tree is lacking nutrients. At Bonsai 2 U you will find an excellent range of bonsai food and fertiliser.

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Bonsai Feeding – Frequently Asked Questions

Food is as important for your bonsai as it is for you. If you don’t have much experience taking care of a bonsai tree you might have many questions on how to feed bonsai. Below you’ll find some of the most common questions when it comes to bonsai feeding and the answers to them.

How to Feed a Bonsai Tree?

There are different types of bonsai fertilisers so how you feed your tree will depend on the type of fertiliser you’re using. Liquid fertiliser is usually dissolved in water. To feed your bonsai with it you simply have to add the required amount into the watering can when watering your bonsai.

The granulated type of bonsai feed releases nutrients over time. You sprinkle it on top of the soil in your bonsai pot and every time you water your tree, nutrients are released into the soil. When all of the granules have melted you can add more fertiliser when needed.

What to feed my bonsai tree with?

Only feed your bonsai with specialised bonsai fertilisers. Other general house plant fertilisers can be too strong for delicate bonsai trees and may damage the roots. Bonsai food has all of the nutrients your bonsai tree needs.

As one of the leading bonsai online stores, at Bonsai 2 U we offer a great range of bonsai food. One of our bestsellers is our Pokon Bonsai Food. You can shop the whole range here.

How often should I feed my bonsai tree?

Different bonsai species may have different needs when it comes to nutrients. Generally, during the growing season, which is early spring to mid-autumn, you should feed your bonsai tree at least once a week.

Deciduous and conifer bonsai trees should be fed weekly during their growth period. As deciduous trees lose their foliage in autumn they don’t require fertiliser during the winter period. But it is recommended that you fertilise conifer trees at least a few times during winter. For the winter months you should use a 0-10-0 fertiliser which contains only phosphorus. Indoor tropical and subtropical bonsai trees grow all year round so they should be fed monthly from fall to springtime, and weekly during their rapid growth period from spring to autumn.

Regular feeding will keep your bonsai in good shape and prevent it from developing spindly branches.

Do I need specialist equipment?

You do not need any specialist equipment to fertilise and feed your bonsai tree. All you need is your bonsai tree, fertiliser of your choice and water.

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