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Chinese Elm Bonsai Care

Welcome to our Chinese Elm bonsai care hub – the place to learn how to take care of your bonsai tree. Please see below further information and tips to help your bonsai grow healthy.


Chinese Elm Care Guide

The Chinese Elm Bonsai tree is a beautiful bonsai tree, and is one of the most popular Elm trees. The Chinese Elm can also be referred to as the Ulmus Parvifolia and in it’s native environment, it can reach impressive heights of up to 25 meters!

This is a perfect bonsai tree for beginners as it’s slow growing and undemanding. It features a distinctive but rather beautiful grey / red brown bark that matures as it grows. You’ll find that it has oval shaped fresh green leaves that are quite small.

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How To Care for a Chinese Elm Bonsai

All you need to know about how to care for your bonsai tree is below, from the placement, to temperature, watering, feeding and more.

Placement of the Chinese Elm

The placement of your bonsai tree is an important factor when it comes to it’s growth. The Chinese Elm in fact, thrives when it has sun shining on it, with partial shade so it doesn’t burn – so by a window that gains a lot of natural sunlight is perfect! During the summer, you can place it outdoors and have it soak up the sun, but again, with the right amount of shade. In the winter months, you can place it outside because they can endure some frost, but not a significant amount. A general rule to follow is if the temperature drops below 60 degrees then bring your beloved bonsai indoors to be safe.

Temperature for the Chinese Elm

Chinese Elm bonsai’s do not like the cold or drafts. Because it’s a tropical bonsai tree, there’s a reason it enjoys and thrives off sunlight! Most Chinese Elm trees prefer temperatures between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Watering your Chinese Elm

To water your Chinese Elm bonsai, you need to wait until the soil is dry, and then water generously to ensure the roots are well covered so they can soak the water up. A good tip to use to check if your bonsai needs water, is to stick a half inch of your finger, in the soil. If you don’t feel much moisture, then it’s time to water your bonsai. Letting the soil be dry for too long is not a good sign, so check in on it every few days. During the winter season, you don’t tend to water it as much because it requires less water. Watering cycles will vary, but by observing your bonsai you’ll be able to pick things up pretty quickly.

Pruning your Chinese Elm

The Chinese Elm bonsai does require frequent trimming and maintenance as it thickens relatively quickly. If you’re a complete beginner and not familiar with the term ‘pruning’, it refers to the process of cutting away dead or overgrown branches in order to promote healthy plant growth. As a general guide, you should allow the shoot to extend 4 nodes before then pruning it to 1 or 2 leaves. You can usually hold the shoots with one hand and cut them with the other!

If you’re looking to shape your Chinese elm bonsai, you can use bonsai wire to give it a neat makeover when required.

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