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Pruning Your Bonsai

We’re here to help you take care of your bonsai through expert advice – here’s how to properly prune your bonsai!

Bonsai Pruning Guide

Pruning is the most important way to train your bonsai tree, and it’s relatively easy, especially for beginners and new trees. Pruning refers to trimming overgrown branches and shoots. We don’t recommend using normal scissors, as these do not perform clean cuts and can potentially harm the tree. There are specific bonsai pruning scissors, and these tend to have a sharper blade to cut more smoothly. You will need to prune the branches, the leaves and the buds in order to shape it however you like. The purpose of pruning is to correct the uneven growing that your tree faces due to it competing for sunlight!

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Bonsai Pruning

FAQs on Pruning Your Bonsai Tree

Please see below some of the most common questions when it comes to pruning your bonsai tree.

When to prune my bonsai tree?

In general, you should prune your bonsai tree every 2 months, but always make sure you’re on the look out for discoloured branches or leaves as this is a good indication that it’s time to prune. The best time to prune your bonsai tree is when it’s producing new growth – and this varies for difference species of bonsai trees.

What equipment do I need to prune my bonsai tree?

Pruning your bonsai tree should be carried out with specialist equipment only. Pruning scissors or shears are ideal and a bonsai brush is all you really need to get started. Remember, the quality and condition of your bonsai tools have a big impact on your tree, so be sure you’re only using the best in the correct way.

Why should I prune my bonsai tree?

Pruning is carried out on bonsai trees to maintain it’s health, and ensure it’s kept neat and relatively small, just how bonsai’s should be. You need to promote and encourage a health bonsai tree, and not pruning it on a regular basis can cause impacts to the trees overall health and growth.

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