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Carmona Bonsai Care

Welcome to our Carmona bonsai care guide! This is the right place to learn how to take care of your bonsai tree. Below you’ll find further information and tips on Carmona bonsai care to help your tree grow healthy.

Fukien Tea Bonsai Care

Just like the Chinese Elm bonsai, the Carmona bonsai tree is also great for beginners and bonsai enthusiasts. The Carmona, also commonly known as the Fukien Tea tree, comes from the tropical region. It is native to parts of Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, and Australia.

It’s widely kept as an indoor bonsai tree, but it can enjoy some time outdoors during the summer months or under the right protection. The Carmona tree features small round, dark green leaves covered with tiny white dots.

What makes this tree truly beautiful is its white flowers that bloom all year round, making it a perfect indoor plant to add an outdoor, nature feel to your home or office!

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How To Care for a Carmona Bonsai

Below you will find our Carmona bonsai care guide, where we have answered the most common questions regarding Carmona bonsai trees from the placement, to temperature, watering, feeding and more.


As we briefly mentioned above, the Fukien Tea tree can thrive outside in warm climates, but it’s traditionally an indoor bonsai tree. Like most bonsai trees, it requires a generous amount of natural light so it needs to be placed next to a window, or any place in your home where it can receive plenty of sunlight.

You might need to re-evaluate the placement of your tree when it comes to the winter months, as daylight is limited and heat from your radiator can affect the tree. To combat that you can buy a grow light and sit your bonsai beside it. That way you can make sure it’s getting enough light to keep it healthy throughout winter.


The Carmona bonsai tree comes from the tropical region which means it’s not particularly cold hardy. It thrives in temperatures of around 20 degrees Celsius. It’s important that you are mindful of this because a significant drop in the temperature will affect the health of your tree.


The main thing to remember when it comes to watering a Fukien Tea tree, is that you need to keep it moist. However, too much water can also harm your tree as it can lead to root rot and other issues.

You should water your tree generously as soon as you feel the surface soil starting to feel dry. The best way to check if your bonsai needs water, is to stick half an inch of your finger in the soil. Watering cycles vary between species and individual trees. Observe your bonsai for a while and you’ll be able to pick things up pretty quickly, even as an inexperienced beginner!


Pruning your Carmona is relatively easy and can be quite fun! The Fukien Tea tree handles pruning extremely well. The young shoots that will come through are flexible, which makes trimming them a lot easier. However, when the tree grows mature branches, they tend to be thicker so you must be very gentle. When pruning your bonsai tree make sure to use pruning scissors and not your hand to break off dead branches.

If you want to train your Carmona bonsai into a different shape, you can use bonsai wire to achieve that. While the branches are still young, bend them back to your desired shape and then secure them in place with the help of wire. After your tree has grown into the shape you want all you have to do is give it a trim to keep its shape.

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